Tom Willoughby Clinic Photos

//Tom Willoughby Clinic Photos

Tom Willoughby Clinic Photos

Thanks for all who came out to witness the renowned Tom Willoughby forge some artistic pieces! Members in attendance learned the value of forging steel beyond horseshoeing. The TPFA appreciates your presence, input and membership. Here are some photos from last weekend’s clinic; the photos are courtesy of Laura Kurtz. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one in June. June clinic info will be up ASAP.

Official Tom Willoughby Website

Tom Willoughby clinic brought tons of farriers from the state and even some from out of the state. It was a great turn out.

Tom and Mark Leiser working together to forge a beautiful piece.

A trained eye inspecting his work.


What is soon to be a vulture’s head.

Little ones can have fun at clinics too.A masterpiece in the making.Anvil Vulture.A very beautiful dragon.


Mark Leiser striking for Tom.Some of the beautiful forged items handmade by Tom Willoughby day of clinic. Tom is showing fellow farriers how blacksmithing can be a valuable skill to go along with shoeing horses.


Close up of a dragon’s head.

Some of the pieces demonstrated by Tom. Those who attended learned the value of artistic forgery. Thank you so much to Tom Willoughby for coming and sharing your special talent.

A gift from Jim Poor to Tom Willoughby. Thanking Tom for coming down and putting on the clinic!

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