October 12th-14th TPFA Contest Shoe List and more information

//October 12th-14th TPFA Contest Shoe List and more information

October 12th-14th TPFA Contest Shoe List and more information

Looking forward to another great contest in Denton, TX. October 12th-14th. Come gather around to compete, acquire more shoeing knowledge from our outstanding judges and clinicians Jim Poor, Riley Kirkpatrick and Jim Poor!

Official Contest Schedule:

37th Annual TPFA Forging and Shoeing Contest
Oct 12-14, 2017
Official Schedule:

Thurs Oct 12
9:00 am
Pat Burton, AFA Examiner, will give a certification clinic. Get help with all your certification needs.
Thurs Afternoon: Jim Poor and Riley Kirkpatrick beating up on steel and making it purdy. No anvils will go into the sky.

Friday Oct 13
Forging classes in the morning starting at 7:55 AM.
Afternoon: Kids Blacksmithing
Forged By Farriers rasp knife judging with Bill Poor knife throwing.
Auction and Live Shoeing contestants announced

Sat Oct 14
Live shoeing starting at 8:00 AM
Team Draft Shoeing in the afternoon
Saturday evening – Banquet


The contest will be located at the North Texas State Fairgrounds in Denton, TX.

For more info contact: David Edens @ 940-229-4285 or tpfacontest@gmail.com
There is no host hotel. Get your rooms early as it is a college town.

And back by popular demand – Kids Blacksmithing.

2017 TPFA Shoeing Contest List

October 12 – 14th



ALL KEG SHOES – Kerckhaert Dura size 0

Class 1 – Pair hinds, toe clips. – 45 min

Class 2 – Pair hinds, quarter clipped, rolled toe. – 60 min

Class 3 – Pair fronts rocker toe, toe clipped. – 60 min

Eagle Eye – Keg shoe to foot with center mark at toe – 20 min



Class 1     45 min

Pair hinds, fullered lateral heel and reverse check, quarter clips to fit pattern, Kerkhaert Standard

Class 2     1 hour

1 front, toe clip, fullered thru the toe, Kerckhaert standard

1 hind, plain stamped, quarter clipped, safed toe.

Eagle Eye – Plain stamped shoe 5/16 x ¾ – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair front feet with keg shoes – 60 min

Nails not specified will be suitable to the stock and shoe.


DIVISION 2                                                                       

Class 1     1 hour

Pair creased straight bar shoes to pattern 5 SB, 6 holes, 5/16 x ¾

Class 2     1 hour

Full set plain stamp toe clip fronts, quarter clip hinds, six nail holes, 5 SB,

5/16 x ¾ x 11 ½

Eagle Eye – ¾ fullered 5/16 x ¾. 6 nails – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair of feet plain stamped, 5/16 x ¾, 6 nails, clipped – 70 min



Class 1     1 hour

Pair of 3/8 flat jaw tongs from tong blank

Class 2     1 hour – Judges Choice – expect welding and brazing

Eagle Eye – Fullered straight bar shoe, 3/8 x ¾ – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair of feet, sliding plates, soft rocker toe, with spoon heels, ¼ x 1 – 70 min



Class 3 All Divisions    1 hour

1 front plain stamp, 7 holes, 13” 1/2 x 1

1 hind double caulk, plain stamp, 13” ½ x 1, 7 holes, toe clips on both

Two person team selected by pairing people by results of the first two forging classes.  First place Open will pair with last place Div 1. Working back from the middle.  The last team will be two people from Div 2.

Open should be prepared to make the hind shoe, Div 1 prepared to make the front, Div 2 either. Everyone that participates will get 5 points towards High Point in their division.  No points toward high point for winners but will have awards.



Shoe front and hind, ¾ fullered ½ x 1 ¼, suitable nail.  Draft specimen –   Front Draft, Scotch heels, 18 ½

of ½ x 1 1/4. – 120 minutes

TPFA entry form 2017

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