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TPFA  Injured  Farrier  Fund

The  guidelines  contained  herewith  shall  govern  the  Injured  Farrier  Fund,   hereafter  referred  to  as  IFF.    The  IFF  shall  be  established  by  the  Texas  Professional   Farriers  Association,  hereafter  referred  to  as  TPFA.  The  purpose  of  the  IFF  is  to  assist  an  eligible  member  of  the  TPFA  with   household  expenses  while  recuperating  from  an  injury  or  illness,  the  magnitude  of   which  prevents  them  from  performing  normal  farrier  business  duties.  The  Treasurer  of  the  TPFA  shall  establish  and  maintain  a  separate  bank   account  for  all  receipts  and  disbursements  of  the  IFF.   An  oversight  committee  shall  be  established  to  manage  the  IFF.  The   committee  shall  consist  of  an  elected  chairman,  the  TPFA  President,  the  TPFA   Treasurer,  and  one  member,   chosen  by  the  chairman,  who  is  ineligible  for   benefits.  The  committee  will  have  final  say  over  eligibility  of  applicants  and   disbursement  of  funds.    The  committee  shall  have  the  power  to  amend  this  policy   with  approval  of  the  executive  board  of  the  TPFA. The  committee  chairman  shall  serve  for  a  term  of  two  years,  and  may  be   re-­‐elected  or  replaced,  as  is  determined  by  a  vote  of  the  general  membership   present  at  the  January  meeting.  This  election  shall  be  held  at  the  same  time  as   regular  officer  elections. The  committee  chairman  shall  provide  an  annual  report  of  all  committee   activity,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  all  receipts  and  disbursements,  to  the   general  membership  at  the  regular  January  meeting.

Eligibility  and  Process

Must  be  a  regular  member  of  the  TPFA  in  good  standing  for  a   minimum  of  30  days.    If  renewing  members’  dues  lapse  past  30   days  (Feb.  1st),  they  will  be  subject  to  the  30  day  waiting  period   before  being  eligible  for  benefits.

• At  least  50%  of  claimant’s  income  must  be  derived  from   shoeing  horses.
• Claimant  must  apply  to  IFF  chair  for  benefit  and  must  provide   doctor  verification  of  inability  to  work.   • Pre-­‐existing  conditions  will  not  be  covered.
• Claimant  must  reside  in  Texas  or  one  of  the  contiguous  states   (New  Mexico,  Oklahoma,  Arkansas,  Louisiana).

IFF  benefits  to  be  paid  to  eligible  applicants  as  follows:

• 7%  of  amount  in  account  on  the  day  claim  is  made.
• Payments  to  be  paid  out  over  6  weeks,  one  payment  per  week.
• Maximum  amount  of  payments  shall  be  $300.00  per  week  for   6  weeks,   or  a   maximum  annual  amount  of  $1800.00   per   calendar  year.
• In  the  event  more  than  one  claim  is  received  by  the  chairman   on  the  same  day,  they  will  be  considered  in  the  order  they   were  received,  and  benefits  will  be  figured  for  each  claim  in