2015 College Station Photos & Overview

//2015 College Station Photos & Overview

2015 College Station Photos & Overview


Todd Haenel making a Journeyman run.

Doug Hogue demonstrating a handmande shoe.

It was another fun year for the books. Congratulations and thanks to all those who attended, tested and taught. You are appreciated so much. We had 39 tests taken at the certification by 16 candidates. 16 tests were passed: 5 certified, 2 Journeyman passed the practical; 4 shoe displays passed, 3 Journeyman bar shoes passed; 1 Certified written and one Journeyman written. Gavin Cooper and Luke Dufrene had exceptional scores on their Journeyman practical and bar shoes. Todd Haenal passed his Journeyman bar shoe. Austin Russel aced the Journeyman written examination. Congratulations!! Brandt Chastain, Joshua Burnham, Vernon Jogie, Blake Mccoy and Brody White were all successful on their certified practical. Also, Sophia Halbrook, Jaoa Neto, Vernon Jogie and Brant Chatain were successful with their shoe displays! Brody White passed the Certified written exam with flying colors. Many thanks to Dr. Dennis Sigler for hosting the 2nd Annual A&M conference with 50 farriers and Veterinaris attending. Additionaly, thank you to the AFA testers, Tony Dawson, Doug Hogue, Alan Larsen, Mark Leiser, Bill Rose, Paul Spurgin, Frank Schwaggert, Donnie Walker, Nicole Smith, Glen Spradling and Provisional tester Chance Mackey who did an outstanding job. Pat Burton was an outstanding Examiner.



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